Sirtii Canbaha (The secret of the mango tree)

The whisper comes to my ears like the bleak and disturbing buzzing of a mosquito in the summer nights. “Do not turn on that tape,” the otherwise friendly voice says, and pauses for a moment, then it sighs deep and continues: “… listen to me, I can tell you much more than him”. I looked around and I failed to see anyone. “My name is Sway, I am the never-born-daughter of those two motionless giants behind you,” the voice concludes. Silence follows, I remained lost for a while, and then I asked the invisible presence “who are the giants you are talking about?” “Those big and motionless mango trees”, the voice replied. Shocked on the one hand, but at the same time a little puzzled by my believe in talking to an invisible entity; my absurd conversation with the voice takes up again.

Read the text in PDF – The Secret of the Mangos – Jama Musse Jama

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